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The LAP BAND® System is a minimally invasive, safe and effective weight loss surgery using the most advanced adjustable gastric banding system.

Gastric Banding

Laparoscopic gastric banding is a purely restrictive operation.

Gastric Bypass

Laparoscopic surgery involves making five to six 1/2- inch incisions and performing the operation by observation through a small camera.

Gastric Sleeve

Like the Lap-Band, this procedure is purely restrictive. The surgeon creates a stomach similar in shape & size to a banana between the esophagus and the pylorus with approximately 1-4 oz.


Lap Band Los Angeles - Lap Band & Weight Loss Surgery in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Lap Band Surgeons specializes in laparoscopic Roux en y gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding procedures, including LAP-BAND ® surgery. Our Physicians are fellowship trained Center of Excellence physicians in minimally invasive surgery, bariatrics and banding. They have performed over 1,000 weight loss surgeries, helping patients lose over 27,000 pounds in all! Our office comprises of an entire team of experts in weight loss, including nutritionists, psychologists, image consultants, and top physicians all working together in helping people overcome obesity to become healthier and happier.

We are one of the few programs nationwide designated as a bariatric surgery Center of Excellence, and are proud to host one of the best surgical weight loss programs in the country. Our outcomes, because of our surgeons excellent surgical skills, and our Center' comprehensive weight loss system, result in quality long-lasting weight loss with some of the lowest complication rates nationwide. Thank you for considering us to provide you information and insight into the possibilities of lasting weight loss. We look forward to getting to know you as friends as well as patients.